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A Collection of my Published Writings, Interviews and Other Press


March 2015  Hundreds of NY Faith Leaders Speak up for Schools Press Release and Media Statement

March 2014 Blog Featured in the Media Round-up for Moral Mondays

March 2015 Faith Leaders Concerned about Cuomo’s Education Plan on Capital Tonight


December 2014  Ecumenical Christmas Message: Journeying with our Pesebre


December 2012 Published Blog A Newtown Shooting Sermon


December 2012 Published Sermon from December 16, 2012 on Gun Violence

December 2012 Published Review of “The Green Zone: The Environmental Costs of Militarism”

December 2011  Published review of Lady Gaga’s Born this Way Album in the Alban Institute’s Congregations Magazine.  (Third review on page.)


August 2011  Latin America Working Group invited me to speak on a national conference call on the US-Colombia FTA.  Link to the recording of the call.

November 2011  Published blog post on the School of the Americas Vigil: 2011.

July 2011 Published blog post, Saying No to the Colombia-US Free Trade Agreement.

September 2013 Living the Resurrection in a Culture of Death in Fellowship Magazine.

June 2011 The Courier News published this article entitled, Funding for the Needy Must be Retained.  It was co-written with Father George Farrell of the Catholic Community of St. Joseph.

June 2013  I am writing for their clergy section of the paper, in the Caring Communities site.  This article is called “How Much Do We Love Our Children?”

August 2013  Church Should Not Discriminate Against LGBT Community in the Caring Communities site.

October 2013 My comments in an article on clergy viewpoints regarding the passage of same-sex marriage in the State of New Jersey.

February & March 2012 Bethany Furkin of Presbyterian News Services wrote a series of articles about a delegation to Colombia I co-led for the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship.  Some of my photographs made it into three of her articles:  Peace Train, Disarming Hearts and Hands and A Peaceful Refuge

May 2011 Presbyterian News Services published this article entitled, People of Faith Fast to Protest the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement.  It was co-written with Rev. Linda Eastwood, Coordinator of the Colombia Accompaniment Program for the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship.

November 2010 Bethany Furkin of Presbyterian News Services interviewed me about a recent delegation to Colombia.

February 2015 Press Release on the 10th Anniversary of the Colombia Accompaniment Program

January 2014  Published blog post on CIA operations in Colombia, a review of journalism in late 2013 on the topic

December 2012 Published Sermon on Gun Violence

November 2011 Carrying a Cross at the SOA.

September 2011  Review of new data on militarism in the Americas and a call for people of faith to return to the School of the Americas Action this November.

March 2011  Review of article by John Lindsay-Poland on new military base construction in Central America and Colombia.

March 2011 Two blog posts on the visits of two Colombian pastors to the United States.  They can be found here and here.

May 2010 The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship placed my sermon, Can We Love Like Jesus? on their website.  It was preached the Sunday after SB1070, the Arizona State Immigration Law was passed.


Various Dates I frequently submit writings to the worship website LiturgyLink.  A catalogue of those writings can be found here