#CometoTheTable2015 Bible Study (Rev 21)


As part of the Synod of the Northeast’s Come to the Table 2015 Event I was invited to be one of the Bible Study leaders on Revelation 21:1-5.  After my group worked together I was asked for the list of questions so here’s the Bible Study design.   The idea behind this is to ask questions that open up the reading for us and get everyone talking and theologizing together!  As we rotated around after each question, we got to know each other around the room, and hear each other’s voices.  For time, there was four minutes for each question, two minutes per person.  

Open with Prayer

Set the chairs up in two circles, facing each other so that each chair has a partner.  Participants will rotate however you’d like them to so they have new conversation partners for each question.

Read the Scripture 


Questions based on the passage:

  1. What do you hear in this passage?

  2. What is new in your ministry context?

  3. What is passing away (that needs to to make space for the new) in your ministry context?

  4. What are tears you have (personally) that need to be wiped away?

  5. What breaks God’s heart in your community?  Where is God calling you to go in ministry to respond to this heartbreak?

Pause to read the Scripture passage again

  1. What is the prophetic call of God that you hear in this passage?

  2. Where is the prophetic call of God right now in your life?

  3. What will be different about your ministry as you return home from Come to the Table?  What new heaven or new earth will you seek to engage?

  4. What tools have you gained this weekend for the next season of ministry you are called to?

Read the passage

Close in prayer


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