Fiddleheads | What’s That?!?


So, I’ve been posting some pictures on Facebook of our latest round of veggies, etc. from our CSA bag this past week.  We got foraged fiddleheads and when I posted the photos many people were asking what they were, etc.  

Here’s a great explanation of fiddleheads from Forager’s Harvest.

Tonight I made them for dinner following this video from Martha Stewart.

Only difference from Martha is that I added freshly diced garlic as well.  Yum.  Above is a photo of my finished product.

Bonus Recipe–Colombian Chicken dish inspired by my mother-in-law

Dice up four cloves of garlic and a half a purple onion.

Throw them in a pot with some a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper (I grind my own).

Sauté until golden brown.

Then put a whole little jar (plus the water it comes in) of capers, a fresh tomato cut up into chunks and some white wine in.  

Continue to sauté.

When it’s hot, turn heat down to low and put a package of chicken in.  You can put in drumsticks, thighs, wings, breasts, whichever you want.  

Stir it all up and put the lid on the pot.  

Cook on low for about 45-60 minutes so everything gets really tender and all the flavors are incorporated into the chicken.


Finished product:  a happy husband!



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