A Poem for Sunday


On this day,

     we gather.

Wandering into the pews,

     wondering what the next hour might bring.

Some of it familiar,

     some will be new.

Bringing God alongside with us, we beckon the Spirit.

Remembering saints of the beloved past

     our hearts stir, our spirits cry out.


Concerns, worries, joys, delights

     all sit in these pews with us.

Common friends, old friends, new friends, strangers, enemies.

Mixed together.

Just like last Sunday.

     just like next Sunday.

Over and over and over again.

The rhythm of worship.


All muddled together.

Yet we are here.

Some broken and bruised.

Others shouting our alleluias.

God is here in this place.

Jesus is challenging us once again.

            Are you living the prophets life?

The Spirit is breathing new life.

            Do you hear her whispers?


Once again.


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