#MoralMondays | New York



Today I was part of the #MoralMondays Vigil in the New York Capitol State House along with ecumenical and interfaith leaders: Roman Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, Reformed, Unitarian, Lutheran, Baptist, Quaker and Presbyterian. We were there to advocate for a fair and moral State budget, one that prioritizes the needs of the poor and at-risk populations in our State and does not give special benefits to special interest groups. I was honored to be there among our interfaith friends as we gathered our voices together for justice and for peace.

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Social Witness policy speaks to the specific asks by the Labor-Religion Coalition of New York which is leading the #MoralMondays vigils:

  • TANF, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  • Emergency Food Programs
  • Fair Elections
  • DREAM Act

Much of this policy comes from the PC(U.S.A.) policy adopted at our 220th General Assembly, World of Hurt, Word of Life and by the 219th General Assembly, Living Through Economic Crisis.  Stated Clerk Rev. Gradye Parsons has written in support of the DREAM Act and we have spoken out on electoral reforms.

I was asked to share the prayer I offered at the Vigil:

As we gather today,

people from all places,

situations and locations

Your people. God’s people.

People who want justice

who stand in the tradition of your Spirit

of preference for the poor

those left out of the conversation

those who are without power

those whose hope is dashed.

Those who no longer believe

that this place of power and control

has their best interests in mind.

Because we believe in you

O Holy One

We are here

to stand for these people

because You called us

You sent us

You give us life

And so we are here today

to live into

this responsibility

to raise our voices

to get in the way

to live into the call

you give to us

to be prophets



whose only allegiance and following

is of You.

Today we pray for changed hearts

We pray for the legislators, aides and staff

who are working on the State budget right now.

We pray for their souls and their spirits

that they might open themselves up to You

and change their ways

to enact a budget that provides care and safety

for all New Yorkers

all people

no matter their station in life.

That they would remember their calling

to serve all the people

and that we do not bow down

to special interest groups

that we do not follow the money

but that we follow the God of justice

who came and dwelt among the people.

We pray for new legislation

new ideas



a renewed sense of purpose

a living into the vision of peace

Beloved community

and care for our most precious commodity

the earth, Creation.

We raise our voices

We stand united and strong

our only hope and our only trust is You

O Lord of the Universe

Alpha and Omega

the end and the beginning

who knit all things together for the good.

We gather our voices together today

for a moral budget

a fair budget

a just budget

make us strong like the prophets

most especially the Prophet we most follow

Jesus Christ

and let all God’s people

from every tribe gathered here today say



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