Christmas Prayer/Poem for 2013

Star being born

Star being born

O Come O Come Emmanuel

On this most Holy Night

Night of the birth of the Savior Christ


O Come O Come Emmanuel

Open our hearts

            To those who we love

            To those who we struggle to love

            To the immigrant, the wanderer, the stranger, the refugee

            Remind us that Mary, Joseph and the Christ Child once

                        Were immigrants, wandered as refugees

                                    And were ignored as strangers

            Open our hearts

            The prisoner, the criminal

            To those who cause us joy  

                        And those who cause us harm

            To our neighbors

                        Especially those we do not know

            To those who have no place to go this night

                        Those who are sick

                        Those who are made to work and so cannot worship or rest

                        Those who homeless

                        Those who have found no place at any inn


O Come O Come Emmanuel

Open our souls

            Make space for those who are grieving

            Open a room for those who are lost

            Re-open us to your Spirit of transformation and renewal

            Give us courage to follow only You

            Help us to see where you are calling us

                        To see the needs here in this community and around this world         

                        And to have the courage to respond with all we have

                                    As those who follow the Christ Child

Open our souls

            On this night we want to let go of our fears, our worries, our doubts

            We want to follow only You


O Come O Come Emmanuel

Renew our lives

            Where we sense our purpose and calling—strengthen us

            Where we are lost and directionless—restore us

            Where we fall short of your mercy, love and grace—

                        Grow our souls

            Where we are unsure or stuck—change us


O Come O Come Emmanuel

            That Baby in the manger

            Full of trouble for some

            Full of salvation for others


O Come O Come Emmanuel

            Parents who protect


            And push forward, trusting only you


O Come O Come Emmanuel

            Spaces that open up for welcome and a birth

            Shepherds who notice the Divine mystery as it unfolds

            Stars that shine

            Animals that gather

            And strangers from the East who will appear


O Come O Come Emmanuel

            Give us faith once again in this mysterious story

            In which we all are saved, made free and made new


O Come O Come Emmanuel

            In this New Year might we follow You

            God with us

            Emmanuel.  Amen.    


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